19 july
so sorry to you all … but this is the Pit of no escape …
– in the year before we started doing prophets … I sat outside
in the morning , it was still dark … a few yards before me
I saw beings , grouped together as discussing ,
and they were discussing me
I knew they were evil , and saw that they had wings
so many years Sir … but these – the most important days –
you say nothing , show nothing … the soul is always defeated ,
never tasting anything of the male power you promised ,
but only defeat and only shame and only endlessness
… your female Gorgiousses , your daughters , your goddesses ,
are restored and no longer under ugly [fallen-] male rule ,
and you appreciate that very much
… but then please be kind and restore your males also ,
taking them out of the defeating shame ,
incapable to fight those black beings
… having visions about a throneroom … its dome in a
deepblue sky and in its top are stars … a white throne is
in the center , and a white person sitting on it … many ,
dozens , but probably more , female Gorgiousses approach
the throne … one for one .. and they slightly bow their head ,
but after that do not move nor speak
… that them beings appeared
must mean that they feared for their habitat
we’ve had several prophets in which was explained
that ‘(only-) believing in Christ will not change the cycle
of this earth’ : only understanding the other reality will

Sir I’m so trying to not complain to you … requesting you
as honourfully as possible … your kindness is somewhere
in the background , but unreachable and I cannot see it in this pit
… when will you Sir take us out from this hellhole of grinning
sadistic murderous Emptyness … be kind with your voice of a
thousand thunders but as a cool breeze to us
and wash away our shame …
please not another day … please
not being able to sit down nor stand , only hunkering
down in a large dark cave near the thick concrete door
in which is the tiniest of holes now and then letting through
a bit of air – of Life – and waiting there , listening and praying
… a line was repeatedly said through the chest ,
“tonight I will save your Originals”
I can’t confirm where it was coming from , you know how
careful we are with these things ; Sir if I misunderstood
don’t be angry ; just please let it be so


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