19 july
posted (midsection) Is.57 : the sons of Ammon
… just to show you already ; it’s miracle (Sir..) how this section succeeded
and part I should be doable too but the end just keeps refusing to make sense
dream :
standing in a line in a dark small hallway waiting for a type job-interview 
when the person before me suddenly left and i stood before the dirty door ,
was called in and two rather ugly men handed me an object (forgot what)
from the other side of the table which i could work on (?) but i didn’t like the idea
and countered that i had something else [-which however was not sure] 
          perhaps ‘the object’ was this chapter – and even ‘the door’ appears there , 
          ‘the birth right’ again ? while the ‘something else’ is ‘the Date theme’ … 
          and considered tomorrow *sigh* : best to not get hopes up too high …



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