20 june [+Titan Ritual ; see below]                                                                      +/-  FOUR DAYS
19 june                                                                                                                                     +/-  FIVE DAYS
posted : [theme] Mt.16 : final thing : we declare the sceptre-key to God and Christ

–  so that Adam is done
–  so that the sons of Ammon are done
–  and as bonus their institution here  >

… pleaded Him very much last night to say something  please ,
if indeed the chapters are good saying that our time is now  –
woke with the soul (-or what is left of her) in the heart being
surrounded by ‘white’ , neither good nor bad (-if that exists) ,
and starting this theme to understand the ‘open and close’ line 
in posted 22 it was clear that  still had “to say something”  
while we knew already , right , that He never tells anything that
cannot be found in what he already said  …

        now please there’s more : this costed much time so that the intro is for tomorrow
        but we didn’t want to keep this from you ; also Isaiah 60 is part of this and Amos ,
        however the Legal declaring is valid just through this one  :
        therefore we do that together please , after you talked everything over with Him
[20 june :]
… bit of a backlash after yesterday ; pondering the past day it was not like we did not
know about the sceptre — we did  , for some months already , right — but yesterday it
definitely felt as “these days the declaration is accepted”  if that makes sense to you ,
which is a good and important thing alltogether
posted :
intro to Mt.16 about “how declaring the sceptre relates to moon & sun going dark” ,
and the text may be a bit cripple still but hopefully enough clear to you ,

weird :
the sudden mass-hype for ‘the sinking sub’   —
first there’s the striking “3 day countdown” and
remember ‘Mystery-Babylon will sink into the sea’ 
where the aspect ‘Titan’ links to that : moreover ,
the “ocean-gate” reminds too much of ‘Damascus’
where ‘5’ is glyph T’U and T’UAT as her region :
all the hallmarks of a last-ditch occult Ritual.



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