19 juni
… the place was protected with a rolling gate we needed to open ;
though it was a perforated gate , the water on the outside was a feet
high already and seemed to rise. I stood on the leftside while Maria
was searching the pin and lock system at it’s down rightside ,
but had problems because the water kept on flushing sand
which constantly covered that area

… the dream changed ; on that same property (?) was a house ,
but upon entering it i found that it had a huge hidden section in the back ;
first was a “show off room” (like old farmer houses had , as a room
only used for sundays, weddings and other important events) ,
then another series of rooms, and finally anóther showroom, the real one,
and the hearth and two rather pompous chairs were clearly visible ;
i understood that the house had been ‘inverted’

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… the dream changed ; a couple of conspiracy-like type men took me
to a room , where stood a device surrounded by a small gutter containing foods ,
and one after the other they started to walk along the device while trying
to taste as many possible type foods , using a small fork to eat ;
the guy in front of me , a skinny arab type , looked back and me
and grinningly said that this time he’d succeed
… when everyone was done , they silently sat at their table
(also Trump sat there , not looking at nobody but facing downward) ,
but upon the bend of my fork started to show a word , YIT (or IYT, not sure,
and neither know what those initials could represent) ,
but that it appeared on my fork made me the candidate – and not one of them
(strange that I thought I had dóne this exact ritual already – long time ago?)

… again the dream changed ;
in a large hall within the hidden section of that house stood a truck ;
it wasn’t an old type – just not used for very long time , dusty and somewhat damaged ;
I knew the truck belonged to us – to our side – and we’d take her home ;
then I went through other rooms (with members of that same gang) to go collect
the many scattered adornments and utilities of her , and between heaps of junk I found
her flags, sirens and other things ; it seemed to me that the gang had disassembled them

… I said to Maria “we need to go now” and I was sure when we’d leave this nighttime
that we would make the long trip in time — I just wanted still to take with us a small black dog
(though I’m no dog lover) who sat rather alone in the corner , so i picked him up and opened
the door to leave : but suddenly other type dogs pushed to get through the entrance in order
to hop on the truck and come with us , which I didn’t want them to (the gang now became dogs?)
and while I was struggling to close the door , I woke …

we’ve learned that in dreams “a vehicle” represents ‘consciousness’ ,
in this case a “masculine one” – and of the Judah house ,
since the setting is juxtaposed to the gang as Esau ; that “it had been collecting dust
in the hidden part of the house” sustains this ,
together with the “the truck having been stripped down by him” ;
the ‘inverted house’ may represent “the house Esau”, for it was hidden , inverted ,
and contaíned (had imprisoned) the truck as Judah’s consciousness ;
the young black dog must be the Cham theme — the real adm-souls out of it
(and perhaps also a number of them are part of the sons) ;



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