19 March
you get the idea …
we really don’t want “to make a theme when there is none”
but if you do some searching Esau is obsessed with the coming 25th March ;
he openly admits his six or so attempts in the past to consecrate Russia ,
but in the unreadable text in the below link – to show the context to you –
it is clear that he never understood what was the real danger !


– you see … ?
if you read close , the woolley language tried to cover as many aspects possible ,
making very sure that his ‘Holy See’ is the one having all the Legal Rights
while talking in a rather condescending manner to ‘the dear slaves in Russia’ ;
yet. obviously. the. holy. mother. forgot. to. tell. that. the. 144. are. the. danger. !
please … you just sit back the next days and wait for his statements to come along
because he now knows and won’t make the same mistake again
and you simply annul them – because that is the Legal right given to you …
— but please don’t forget to pray for all of us … because these are tricky times



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