19 october  2 PM

so … this must be it …
yes two weeks ago was a disaster … but the conditions have not changed
– in fact those conditions may have become stronger , see logs below ;
we won’t post in the next two days
… and hope very much ‘never again’ ….
– Sir , what to say … it may have been more honorable ‘to pray fervently 
while holding this body in check’ as if imagined how Daniel did ,
but the soul lost the war against this apeframe long long time ago ,
and only tried to survive 
… she did what you asked
though living in a frame and in a world she don’t like ,
understanding your world she never knew ,
but as a reality which … which she cannot even fathom 

therefore she is … afraid , even that you would not take her with you ,
knowing very well that you have… are .. sovereign will , and rule ;
and that’s all good — as long you would be kind to her

but she cannot knów that … – only when it happens … and similarly ,
in spite of what she all learned , and in spite of the phenomenal odds ,
she cannot knów for 100% if it will happen during the next 72 hours …
but neither wants to think past the 21st :
considered what’s going on , this earth is lost
– she only knows that , if will you take her , you will have forgiven her


19 october
(nasty-) Ritual 1 of 2 :
humanity invoking the Beast to be enslaved by it
… strange , but we missed this one (from 10/16) :
the LUCY craft represents ‘humanity’ because it
was made to link to ‘the found human remains’ [1] ,
the launch being hauled as “the birth of a child” [1] ,
namely “as reborn people in the Beast-realm” :
the ‘mission’ is “Jupiter and its eight asteroids” [1] ,
but consistently only 7 are shown : 
so Jupiter (‘realm-god’) represents “the Beast with seven heads” ;
to be “Lucy (=humanity) in the sky (=realm) of diamonds (=crystalline)” ! ;
… note also
how Esau calls this event “..an intersection of our past [..] and our future” [1] ,
showing that this isn’t a “space” event – but “(another-) dimension” one ; 
and it doesn’t end here :
the Ritualistic invocátion is shown in the ‘Lucy Plaque’  [2] and is two-fold :
first letting the souls on this earth say “..can we be part of your (=Beast) history ?”
and “will you reach towards us [..] in excited kinship ?” , and see [2] for others ;
but the same time
Esau deeply mocks Gód’s souls – that they lost the race , 
having them say “.. we (=Jacob) are responsible for the lives we (let to-) change. 
No faith comes without cost, no one believes without dying” ,
Esau means “the lukewarm-church who did this to themsélves”   —
if you look at the other themes you’ll understand the context immediately  …


2 of 2 : supportive Ritual : Esau’s victory over Jacob 
… read : victory over the souls belonging to God    —
first because of the land these zombies stand upon ,
second because of the link to Scripture :
you see them “searching the sky”, namely ‘for God’,
but they cannot find Him because they changed
into having a crystalline (=g.r.ap.h.ene) type body ,
represented by ‘the dead (=salt) sea (=dimension)”,
so he shows them as literally imprisoned on this earth ..

(click to enlarge)

conclusion :
… ofcourse , as usual , we Undo these two — but nót the shamefulness of it ;
do please see the magnitude both Rituals ,
because ofcourse Esau knew álso about “a crucial timeframe (as that intersection)”,
moreover : he has actually been preparing for years to proclaim his victory !!!
(and considered all of this , it can support the tomorrow’s 20th-21 date …)




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