19 september
Dutch King (in a type of ‘state of the union’ declaration) :
“the world must prepare for an external shock” + upd.: CNN

literally ,
“it is clear that , throughout the corona crisis , the world needs to prepare
for the possibility of a next pandemonium or another external shock”

that quote has not been picked up by 1 MSM .
… what is Esau preparing again ?
they weigh every word : it says ‘a shock coming from outside’

“brace yourselves for the next 50-120 days : the most volatile globally
[….] November could combine the unforeseen with something now
visible from space”
(then follows a large smokescreen)

… the ‘worldtree’ showing up ?





19 september
the clip is the introduction of “the dutch David Icke” ;
our painful observation is that souls like these
are thinking more Sane and are less deluded
than the souls calling themselves ‘christian’

help , Sir , the souls who feel that many things are wrong ,
but have never understood how to get Out ;
by helping us , Sir , who must identify this war



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