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2 april
… the problem is “the two olive trees” in Zecheriah : is that corrupt ? ,
because nowhere else appears this concept — except .. at the Ark ;
to right :
the pole of the lampstand (‘Zerubbabel’) will carry eden and the throne
on high in the new north , above Mystery-Babylon ; its seven lamps
are depicted as flames standing upon the sea of glass , and on both
sides of the latter are the olive trees (yet these two trees as well as
the ‘two pipes for oil’ – may be a corrupted theme) :
but what if the Ark is to stand upon the lampstand – as Gate ?
– both cherubs would represent the trees ,
and the light appearing inbetween them the dome over the throne ? ;
again – the problem is that this concept is not repeated in prophets
or if it did it was corrupted and we missed it — and a second problem
is that ofcourse we can difficultly change ‘cherubs’ into ‘trees’ 
but the option that the Ark could represent the gate is .. elegant
and makes Sense : it was very sacred , typically belonged to God
but cán be the Attribute of Christ — compare that he is ‘the door’
and the blood upon the ark (see page ; we still hold that possible ; 
did this aspect happen to purchase back the gate …?) ;
– which 
shows the second theme : that of the stolen gate (-construct) ;
also present in the siege of Jericho representing the matrix-gate  —
it was the ‘moon’ city ‘at the border’ and it has a ‘cord’ involved ,
and all three aspects return in the spells saying they stole it ;  
then compare the references in prophets about “the (matrix-) gate” 
and Ezekiel being shown “the gate in the north” 
(we opted that he saw the ark in the gate – wrong but close) ;
to right :
the matrix gate as ‘moon’ inbetween two hills which is one mountain ,
while in Zecheriah remained a line of something “coming forth from
between two mountains of brass” ; and Zecheriah hás a line about
the “destroying matrix-mountain” ; both lions here are ‘the two roots’ 
which carry the gate , but see next ;
the two trees problem :
… if Zechariah writes “two olive trees” then where to find these ?
and are “the two stone tablets (IN the Ark)” related to this ?
in spells the glyph “vineyard” often refers to an eden construct , 
showing two standing poles with either a sun or fruit inbetween ;
consistent is also a depiction (to right) as a similar concept ,
catching two poles with a square-type light (?) between them ;
the problem
in spells is understanding whát they said : there ARE two eden
trees (NEHT\\ , CT 159) but it’s difficult to see what is with those ; 
and it can be that they “replaced the trees by two other ones” 
(not wé complicate things – they did !) :
in amduat 2 several boats arrive bringing their type constructs
and one of these is a boat carrying two trees ; the boat reading
“the divine (matrix-) grain / [by] the place-T of he (=eden) / 
[to] (matrix-) existence / to ferry-over” ; 
and next to a tree it reads “the plants to beget / by / to devise / 
the (matrix-) place-T” [=the place of their gate in the north] ;
we don’t know
if they did something to both olive-trees or used these trees as
replacement to get the eden gate there but they constantly talk
about ‘grain and spelt’ in relation to their gate
(besides : in prophets is also “I will break your staff of bread” ,
said to Egypt , perhaps ‘the staff(-s) or tree(-s) of grain’..? ;
and – forgive the thought Sir – what about “the cross” ? 
why ‘trees’ were involved in relation to the gate ..?)

– and all of this because Zechariah is that heavily corrupted ;
how can we know if ‘the two olive trees’ inthere is a valid theme ?
and for example , “the two staffs” inthere , is that about the same ?
posted : CT 160 and 159 about the gate as rather difficult ones

dome over the sea of glass
     and compare Ezekiel 1









       (CT 227 ; III 262)

[03/04 :]
posted : CT 162 ‘the four winds’ – see Zechariah and Revelation ,
useful chapter ; and CT 260 + 267 KHENS , less useful
and CT 257 : the retired one (=eden gate) to stand upright as matrix mouth ;
— it never wrote in Ezekiel “the women in the gate weeping for Tammuz”
but must have had a clue about the gate itself ;
— the ark got in the hands of the Philistines = ‘5 cities’ = the T’uat-house ,
while the falling Dagon fish-god represents ÁNTT the fish-city of the matrix gate ;

Sir we miss you … it’s all flat and dead … please give some indication how long to go still
[04/04 :]
— also ; the 14th of the first month old-Ishral had to put blood on the door ,
where both attributes are obviously of Christ (and compare the ark theme) ;
that evening – as foreshadowing – the Egyptians lost their “firstborn right” 
and a day áfter Passover that right is transferred to “the firstfruits” :
as the 144 who will have aquired the eden firstborn right báck 
(can that mean that our date is this month ?) ;
interestingly on that day an offering of the first barley had to be ‘waved’   —
is this “holding up high of grain” related to “the still matrix gate on high” 
as if to create a link with the crucial theme we are to understand ..?
then ,
— when Noah came to this earth “God closed the door of the ark”, again ‘door’, 
and though KJV writes “the 17th of the 2nd month” perhaps it was “of the 1st”
because this time the theme will be ‘going back to eden’
and ,
— in 1 Peter 2 the subject likely was “gate” instead of “stone” :
the line “the stone rejected by the builders” sóunds good but who ARE ‘they’ ? ,
while survived roots are “darkness and light”, “declare” and “olden times”  –
we’re just carefully looking for more confirmation of the gate theme



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