2 august
posted : Amos 9 : the matrix destroyed – and promises about Eden
[08 / 03 :]
posted : Amos 8 : the lack of words (‘life’) to Jacob – soon
rather difficult chapter but we think it came out well ; 
then ,
since monday morning everything is upside-down , it’s sorcery ; 
and though we spotted it and discarded it as another Esau mindfck
now it shows that this occult Ritual is wider : though ofcourse no
‘al Qaeda’ leader ‘has been eliminated’ — those are all actors  —
the name “the – appearance of – the righthand-side (=Heaven)”
coupled with terms as “lone-ly”, ‘balcony’ and family circumstances
turn it into Esau’s Ritual killing of us
the power lays in the linking to the Mega-Ritual 9/11 as the official
start of his 6uild 6ack 6etter where the colour of his patsy’s name
was “the righthand (=of Esau) – (being) the – phenomenon” where
the latter was intended as ‘phantom’ : Esau’s trick upon the masses
(remember : a patsy like this functions like a Golem – depending on
the added attributes it is a self-created Bogeyman , but with slightly
changed attributes it can represent ‘a real enemy’ — us)