2 august                                                                                                 [3d miracle — window still open]
posted (3/4th) (fulltext) : Amos 9 [+8] : Eve rescued
… only – and only – retrieved because of Jeremiah 9 and Mark 7 :
you will see how beautifully part III reads , having a non-corrupted line numbering ,
but how part II — the core — was a gigantic Mess  by Esau trying to hide the theme ;
presenting you the fulltext now and restored text will follow in sections [=much work] ; 
         day after day of insomnia now , and after doing this one all night , crashing today
         and by fck I’ll need get up again tomorrow [.. not sure if last weekend’s dream 
        about “warding-off a hostile male with unnatural huge female eyes that pursued me , 
        wounded on the ground shouting his curse after me , “may your daytime be night !”
         relates to this : no idea still what that was about] 
look please  —
I know  that it may be bizarre “to expect something the coming days” ,
be that this weekend or shortly after , used as we are to “nice sounding moon dates” etc :
but this theme is so massive and developing so fast  and good that we háve a chance
that the window is Valid and it will all be over soon — but please don’t stop pleading ,
for he is choking us to death by withholding life through attacking our females  –
because we are in the process of taking his’  …

‘Classical music’ is not our first , but intriguingly telling our theme here :
the start of the 144 , you and we , then joined by more [=the different instruments]  ,
until at the end even Eve joins : and now we’re standing against Adam and his realm …


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