2 augustus
“Covid is a sorcerySpell upon the people”
… though we (ofcourse) do not agree with the
ultimate worldview of Icke ,
it does not mean that some of his insights aren’t spot on —
indeed “a war for the mind” is going on right now
and yes he is totally right in blatantly naming it ‘sorcery’ ;

however ,
the real sorcery is going much deeper
than the merely “waking up from obvious lies'”….

(LondonReal / Icke , June 2020)



2 augustus
posted : Micah 4 “the new eden land restored”
(first submission)
… titled : the new Eden land after Revelation
(being restored by the sons)
content :
last line of chapter 3 was ‘this ruined earth’ ,
hence continuing here with the new situation ;



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