2 may
posted : Jn.1+2 : final header and new intro “God’s covenant and the Eden sceptre” ,
compact written and hoping it’s readable & enjoyable ,
because it’s so important (-for us) to solidify the connection with mt Horeb — unleavened
           that said ,
            going through the ‘endtimes YT videos’ today one can only conclude it’s a great mess ,
            several “counting down to the 6th” and others “to the 18th” through ‘constellations’ 
            yet it’s all but ‘looking for signs’ as said in the John 6 page     —
            there is no help : we’re on our own , and though we’re 100% sure of the restored texts
          (give or take some details) next week will be the proof in the pudding
          … which is making the tummy to turn around for nerves
tomorrow – if this Pit can be escaped – we need look at the “eat my flesh” corruption
and also “the beast mark” thing because (-also) the section about “the locusts” must be corrupt 



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