2 november
the sand in the hourglass is streaming down
… we know that this boy also belongs to us
(ignore the title ‘prophet zephi’- it’s a black thing) ;
because his dreams have certain ‘signatures’
which we recognize —
as the wide (=dimensional) hourglass , and the true
statement ‘many will not make it’ ; coupled with
his sincere call ;

… the aspect we care about is the ‘sky theme’
together with the ‘three times’ ,
and compare log below ;


(posted : 28 oct ; credits in link ;
‘deva’ is ‘deity’ in Rg-veda)


2 november
… something is going on —
chapter Is.42 about ‘the eden-sun’ still appears to be the correct theme ,
and working on 41 , exactly the same theme and format showed ,
and even 40 has the same theme ‘eden sun’  —
as three similar chapters – meaning “pay attention !” ;
moreover , all 3 promise “a change when the subject is identified” ,
and compare how “the darkening of our sun” (aka world-tree theme)
is the starting-event of all the others ;

… “the eden-sun” is the (masculine-) attribute of the Judah house
(see how in Ezekiel ‘those of (deluded-) Judah pray to this sun of us – Râ) ,
as the same eden-sun Enoch described
(adding that “he wrote it all down for those living in the endtime”) ;
… therefore we declare the eden sun
as the one which will ascend to the wilderness north
and cause our present sun ‘to go dark’ — as a ceasing of this dimension

b) Luke 18 :
… it never wrote “but will the son of man find faith on earth ?” :
but “the son of man will return WHEN he will have found the belief” :
namely , ‘the belief in eden’ — because from there he cómes to earth ;
the whole parable links immediately to Is. 51 (see index) ;



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