2 oktober
posted : Introduction V – part I


2 oktober
a theme named “the return”  (closing event was 26 Sept. in DC) 
…we always try make short logs but this time it won’t succeed ,
please bear along —
first we need to tell a stance , and do consider whether you’d agree ;

needs just first 2 mins
your and our present situation :
… since a couple of days now a picture keeps appearing in the heart ,
but lacking the skills to visualize it , we need to put it in words  —
imagine this world would Freeze a moment as nothing was moving ,
then everything around the soul would be stripped (which will be) ;
the image remaining after that  is of “a dark , flat soil (as this earth) ,
where beings – having the outline of humans but appearing as soft
whitish glow – stand or sit at some distance from oneanother ,
saying or thinking nothing but just staring into the endless starry galaxy

for context

… while only a few of them – you and we – realize that God’s evironment 
is réal : but a million miles away from us in the direction of our bácks .                            
All us beings are all (to-be saved) souls , and they indeed don’t ‘think’,
(since our souls simply don’t have God’s consciousness around them) ;  
only the few who feel Eden are silently waiting for ‘to be acted upon’ .

our Legal situation
… though you and we as the sons serve all other souls , we can néither
escape from this place — this is our legal position , in the eyes of God ,
and it is right and just that Christ would be our captain . 
However , considered our type “class of beings” – as adm-souls ,
wé are the spokesmen for our type beings … right ?

the theme ‘the return’ 
… watching two mins of the top vid (and some sections of the 2nd)
makes clear that this “return” does not intend a return to God ,
in the sense of prophecy , but it’s a call “to save Western culture”
by using sweet souls for that goal
And yes this theme is linked to yesterday’s log : because it is 
the same group who organized this whole ‘return event’  !

You will see they classified their occult Ritual under prophetic banner ,
turning the entire thing into a Legal context (read : controversy) ;
and it hurted to see the many genuine souls who , even their personal
choice cannot be tainted (!) , are unawaringly serving under that banner
because that is how Rituals work .
So ;
we know that their Covid hoax was about “protecting this earth” 
as well as “slowing down the 144”, while this side-event was prepared 
for several months already (see vid) : it is góod to know is that apparently 
“the window is small for them” (see vid) , and that these very days are 
“a decisive time” (idem) , etcetera ;
having the legal right , we just Cancel their false context , 
and place all of us souls in the right context as the return to God’s other reality .



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