20 february
.. though a young soul , she’s spot on ;       >>
however , it is not only true for themes as
Ukraine and coJona but also for the lessened
spiritual pressure – since the start of January ,
which feels like that weird vacuum 
— for weeks He chooses to be silent now ,
therefore we don’t know how to understand
that 9th (or 10th or 11th) month theme or even
the “wintertime one” :

we can only hope that the finds of the moon and cornerstone etc are Legal enough ;
… – not sure what we’ve to wait for , we decided to first thoroughly check the finds
and indeed the situation of the binary and SEKER consistently shows in other spells ;
however ,
the middle register (‘region’) where the slanted axis and the axis from mt tsiun meet
is in-cre-dible complex , filled with weird constructs which we first’d need to idéntify ;
hence we started an index (posted at moon pages) to first “collect” each type concept
and perhaps later to compare them  —
because not the reading is the problem but the weird terms in every second line ,
for example , Pyramid Texts theme index ,
519 the (stolen-) Sight [MAA] to wander astray , as? staff-tá which is white light at 
          the sandal which is the drillboat [firestick] of the land ? [maa is white light?] 
          30 [poles]  to acquire [=moon theme] ; the heads foundation of the matrix-day [-light] ;
          ma-ft’t  + claws + the soul’s poles [qes] ; a 770 cubits boat ; 2 fingers [as axis] ; 
          thou 4 faces for speech above [=the 4 flames?] ; the 4 braided locks [birkeland 
          current?] for the real-adm-souls existence to make to wander astray ; at T below 
          at the island the eden double door to open and [higher up?] the matrix doors to open ;
it will take years to put this puzzle together …
… – Sir .. please tell us your thoughts … we don’t feel that you are displeased but instead
that you’d want to be kind … yet this silence is … concerning – to say the least



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