20 july
… not redacted the ‘tonight’ – but there was no follow-up …
well a dream about a church meeting/festival , outside ,
yet it was a bit chaotic cause many sat in isolated places ,
perhaps the 144 …
— the quote to right shóuts the whole Webb thing
is against ‘the sky rolling up’ seal while the photos
are (as far we’re concerned) just altered older ones
… the reason for all their space rituals – and by extension
the heliocentric model and spinning earth must be the
Field (and ofcourse to hide the idea of eden)
but the related ‘globe earth – or flat earth’ theme is very
tricky because literally ‘a mindfck’ — but we keep trying

[07/21/ 0.30am]
… in bed , still pondering the Field ,
when the sphere suddenly got nervous and a lightning bolt
came to be inside me , a (my) female Original
I recognized her because I felt her lil breasts and tummy ,
she though was in nervous-happy confusion — in shock ,
repeating all over “oh ! (then my name) .. oh ! ,
wanting to speak through my breath (no worry – it’s like that)
exclaiming “oh ! our .. Father .. loves .. us ! you are …
(that word I forgot) … oh ! we go [-home] !”
had to smoke one outside first to ponder what happened
but it is very sweet and it sure looks good
… perhaps the ‘us’ was “her sisters” , it felt a bit like that
[07/22 :]
posted : the Nut dome (see top of log) ;
… – no followup of yesterday … only heavy dreaming …
worse it’s like the noose is only drawn tighter
Sir just say ‘now it was enough’ , say something ,
show something , anything , just act …
posted : flat earth in Field – part I (see top of log)
… – still no followup and that’s concerning … I refuse to accept
having been Tricked .. and besides it was too much like the
Isaiah one “they cry of joy when they hear their souls on earth
speak about them”
– but Sir .. you know this position is not maintainable .. without
anything of you the disappointment and fall will be huge
[07/24 :]
posted : part II + vid Maria did (see top of log)
… no followup … in bed it was hard to not get angry with Him but the
kind of ‘helpless anger’ you know .. but I didn’t even want to ..
dreamed heavily , “a prince (?) buying for us (?) six horses having 6 
attendants”.. and another one “our (?) truck broke through a barricade 
on a mountaintop , leaving visible 66 edges at the side he went through” 
… woke groggy and .. angry on Him – but it was not mine : but SO subtile
encompassing (as if ‘cheering on , seducing to’) that it seemed to be
… – so what is it : Adam ? 
and is the dream about the current page ? the prince is Christ ? and the ‘6’
relates to the Solids theme (that’s true – it does relate to ‘6’) ? ‘buying’ as in
‘give understanding’ ? It’s true – this page goes like a spear .. as if hurrying
is required and it feels like that … — two nights ago the dream said placing
two large tiles upon a house fundament ; but I saw one tile was not okay ;
were these the both pinned above ? and the ‘not good one’ this page ?
… then Sir if Christ likes it won’t you tell something this evening please ..?
[07/25 :]
… nothing .. – except the deep craving to go drink just to forget all
the sh*t — and the last moment resisting because the hoping to hear
is even stronger … this is but postponing of execution .. we try
and you say we are sons but who treats sons like that ..?


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