20 july [4PM]
Sigh .
.. drinking them now — anyway  soon the sun ‘will go dark’ right ;
this whole date thing became such indigestible trauma … there’s much to say but like
the line of our anthem , “the Lord / whom one must ever praise / hath not desired it”,
let’s keep it at that okay …
having searched back it was the 21st of July last year when the female Gorgeous said
(-with lots of sexy breath) “Oh ! .. our .. Father .. loves us ! Oh ! .. we go .. home !” ,
and a couple of days later was His incredible Kindness
but how to transpond that to exactly what days nów is unclear
         not much done today but posted : intro of 57 (is interesting , please take a look) ,
         fulltext so far and two adaptions to yesterday

[730 PM] 
this happens when you never say anything .
you make us utter Fools , the only ones that ever cared to understand you ,
by having us fight with 24 , 30 or 40 days , as a nonsense topic which you
can so easily have avoided by just saying something 
but nooo it is almost as if you want  to make fools out of us
         why you are pushing us to the breaking point ?



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