20 june
it is true … we was very close posting an angry log about you
– but now … again nothing remained but complete exhaustion
… never you was further away
never so disappointed in so many lost chapters
nothing to can hold on to in the daily barrage of lies and fake
will you act

20 june
… the ad can hardly be about ‘a voting bill’       
(since anyway Esau steals whatever election) ;
we opt it is about Esau humiliating the people
by telling them here ‘he will cut off Internet’ 
as the moment “democracy will die”,
linked to the Biden message (see 2 timelines) ;
… also because both are UK citizens ,
the woman is notorious for advertising the Agenda ,
and the “Daisy” – their daughter – shows that
the year isn’t 2055 but “after the event”



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