20 november [4 pm]
.. so the soul is devastated – again a massive letdown
– yet only searching hárder what can be the problem ;
we knew that the ‘physical bloodmoon’ is questionable
(see previous log) since it appears frequently ,
there are numerous dreams about ‘strange moons’ (1.27 >>) ,
two moons as a white and red one , or two moons between
which forms a portal , etc [and see also 1] ; 
… we came to the conclusion that the moon we ‘see’ is not real   —
but that it is “an artificial construct regulating (‘shaping’) our ‘reality’ [-which we think we see]” ;
and that , by God removing this construct , 
it will show its true nature (having the colour ‘blood red’) ,
and bý He removing it , “our [-present visible dimensional-] sky will recede like a scroll” 

– as if this (artificial-) moon is ‘THE blockage’ — of “keeping us in this earth reality”

yes this sounds insane
but – apart from all the supportive information we’re collecting now – 
the attributes of the Philadelphia church [=TODAY] are “keys” and “gate” (portal) ,
while Isaiah 22 uses exact that same phrase , in verse 22 :
becáuse this chapter contains this line ,
the REST of it (which Esau corrupted) MUST be about this very theme , 
and see what some phrases and roots are in this mutilated chapter  —
– ‘and I thrust you from station of you’  = moon ?  (line 19)
– ‘behold ! IEUE will hurl you away’           = moon ?  (line 17)
– ‘IEUE will toss you away like a ball’       = moon ?  (line 18)
– ‘in that day , the peg (?) secured in the sure place will be removed’   (line 25)
you see ?
a secondary proof can be that “Jericho” wasn’t so much ‘Mystery-Babylon’ but “this moon” :
because her etymology is likely “moon” , while she fell because of “trumpets” (!!) ,
and instead it circled (=’orbited’) around the people , the péople encircled it   —
as the final to-be conquered fortress before entering the promised eden land … ?

the material (-that this moon is likely artificial) which really supports this model ,
keyterms being “the ringmakers of Saturn” as blueprint of “earth’s (electromagnetic-) fields”,
the “Mysterium Cosmographium” (platonic solids, related to earth and consciousness)
and dozens of other themes , is enormous ,
so it’ d require energy and time – which we don’t have – to present some coherent presentation

2) either way  —
…. we already had questions with “the tetrad theory” , see Mark Biltz ,
feeling it was a hype induced by Esau to get believers off-track :
in the same manner how Esau organized the “2012 Jenkins hype” ,
in order to disarm a réal event by constructing a Fake one ahead of time ;
likewise this :
we are sure that Esau organized a last-ditch-occult-Ritual about this moon theme ,
in order to deflect our (read: believers’) attention awaý from the “moon” theme  :
so he summoned past week his ‘science’ and MSM to go publish some rehashed asteroid theme
now called “second moon” [2] , which is ‘temporary’, as “part of earth’s moon”,              (read: deflection)
naming it “Kalo’oamewa” as alternate spelling of the Hawaian shark-god [3]
which was “a guardian of the sea (=dimension) , read : deflecting FROM the real guardian moon ;
and Ritually confirmed by Esau’s Vatican in the form of “st. Joseph” , [4]
who “lives in the periphery”(look that word up) , hebrew ‘to add, again, to WAX’, 
and “this second time […] in that periphery Jesus would manifest” (read : returning upon the clouds) ,
therefore Joseph is asked “.. to convert our gaze” 
namely “to defend human life and dignity”             (read : the status quo of this Esau’s dystopian world) 

we are absolutely sure that we have read Esau’s Ritual right   —
you understand we cant make a 1 on 1 link between ‘this moon’ and Revelation and Isaiah ,
but the odds are …. astronomous – pun

Sir .. even we cant succeed in time to go through this in detail
just undo it … promise … even if only the hint is Legal enough
crown – philadephia …?
[2] Time , nov 11
[3] and note the ‘Sharkey’ in the Time article , 
shark god of hawaii
[4] start a discourse about ‘Joseph’ when his year is closing ?



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