20 september [-afternoon]
Ritual : a shooting in Perm , Russia
… that’s some quick response ; and almost identical to the
shooting a while ago – where the subject was ‘Adam’ ,
shouting “I have no father and no mother !” ;
this one also has ‘a lone wolf’ , ‘a school shooting’
(=the students as the 144) and ‘a message on social media’ —
the flag of Perm (‘borderland’) shows a bear (=part of the Beast !)
carrying a (corrupted-) bible , and some parts of the manifesto read :
“[I did it] after I saw the results of the shooting” (see above, hR) , […]
no matter how much I sleep , it does not add energy. How tired I am (sic, hR) .
Anger overwhelms me , I want to destroy everything in my path , leave as
much as possible pain in this world […] – If the Bible turns out to be true ,
then as far as I understand hell awaits me (sic , hR) […] [but] I will not go
to hell alone , but with a whole mountain of sinners , ha ha ha”

… in prophets is already said
how , because of what Adam did , “the underworld had widened its mouth”,
but us struck especially the ‘anger’ and the ‘tiredness’ ;
he operated under the attacker’s name “the iron (nature) + (of the-) inspector”,
we found the latter because ‘Timur’ is old-Turkish/Mongolian and the latter as
‘bakman’ (like -ucman is ‘aviator’ and ökmen ‘judge’, etc ; based upon verbs) ;
and as you know “iron” is the typical character of the evil realm ,
while Adam indeed is stationed ‘at the border between matrix and eden’



20 september
dream – Adam is dying (?)
only remember the last scene — previously I had said that my job was
done and that I could surrender to God now at any moment He chooses ;
the scene changed and I sat close to the head of a bed in which a man
laid face down (my father , who died years ago in realtime) ,
and I knew he had heared what I had said but he did not want to look
at me nor communicate with me
… he constantly turned his head , often the eyes had a weird stare as if
fighting with something inside ; then he was silent as if making a decision
– and I woke
… in the past years I have often suspected that he represents ‘Adam’ ,
and we’ve speculated sometimes about the sequence of coming events
concerning him (according to the text) , yet there is one thing I missed :
that the soul is so closed off from God – especially the past 3? months
may be because of the dark and chaotic common subconsciousness
(related to the four horses and the virus hoax) , yet it makes much more
sense that ‘if Adam gets no air – then neither do we’ ;
the situation is not 1 on 1 ofcourse but the point is defendable ;
almost as if it will take time until he … dies
– and from that moment onwards events will happen quickly



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