21 april
posted : shorts – CT 1157 (the eye) , 1150 (Resthau)
and PyramidText 594 (the gate of speech) ;
– it don’t matter that these are short as long they help confirm the theme

look ; it may seem as if pride plays a role two days ago but that isn’t the case ;
it’s just that it requires a kind of … stubbornness to do these type things , true ? ,
but there’s much care for those who are in pain and especially for the 144 ,
for it is the Legal which will bring you and we out of here .. nothing else …
it don’t mean that we are not attent to others : perhaps the guy in the vid
has a point and a date could be the 1st or the 16th of May — 
we don’t know anymore “if the year starts after the Equinox” or “when the moon
is in Aries” or “when the barley is ripe” or if May could be “the second Passover” :
actually this one is more a barleystraw to can hold on to albeit a slippery one …
and yes
it feels … silly ‘to not even know the start of the year’ , in spite of all other themes ,
but we’re open – as always – for any plausible explanation



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