21 march
allright ; to know if it is not us keeping ourselves in this situation 
there’s only 1 thing we can do , “ponder whether we missed something”,  right …
– suppose we go back to ‘the gate theme’ (the mouth) , to the Philadelphia church ,
1) it starts with the “opened and closed door” 
2) then a line about ‘the synagogue’ 
3) then a promise about “keeping the words and therefore I will save you”
now – there is something wrong with that buildup
namely that ‘the synagogue line does not match the subject – at all !
because line 2 requires an action of the 144 : immediately related tó the gate theme
for there must be a reason WHY this door theme is mentioned , in the first place
… now
– Malachi has the line “who will close the (matrix-) gate for me” and it makes sense that 
the invasion into eden started with opening the eden gate by them , so that’s important
(we leave the stalk\UAS theme for a moment)
– Isaiah 22 , heavily corrupted , has the same “will close and none will open” line ;
the chapter starts with “a burden” – an unresolved problem ; and if the term ‘valley’ is right
then it can be the valley glyph-ÁNIT or ÁNT where the matrix gate is (see CT) ; 
then halfway shows the invasion of eden – 
and though not present it MUST have written that they opened the gate (in 6?) ;
towards the end the matrix-gate (‘on high’, 16) will fall down when Christ will be clothed 
with power when coming to this earth (20-22) ; so where is the “who closes the gate” here ?
– back to Rev. 3 , the synagogue line :
“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, 
but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that 
I have loved thee.’
… but what can the section most logically have said ?
in 8 please see that Christ múst refer to the prophets – to make the link to the gate theme 
(while prophets also mention that souls start to search when they are in trouble…) :
… (+and) because – you (have) – little – strength , 
and=therefore – you (will) keep=search (téreó=eperötaö !) – My – (..) words       +
and – not=those – denied=spoken – (by) my – (..) name=Father (onoma=patêr) :             [theme:] 
behold=then – I=you (will) give=find        +
out=that – the=Esau (tes=esáu?) – (has) synagogue=hidden – the – satan=promise 
                                                                                   (sunagógé=kalyptô)            (satanas=epangelma)
those=that – [+He] (will) say=restore – the – jews=heavenly – themselves=land (heautous=kosmos)
                                                (legó=katartizô?)      (ioudaios=ouranos !)
(which-) was – and – not – is – but=because – [+it] (was) lie=laid waste (pseudomai=phthora?)

behold=because – them=God – (will) bring forth – that – [+I] (will) to come – [+to you] ,           
and=when    +         (autos=theos)
[+you] worship=declared (proskuneó=phrazô!) – [+his] before=desire (enópios=epipothéo?)  +
[+to close] – the – feet=gate (pous=pulé?) – (for) you=Him ,
and=when – they=you (have) understood – that=what – I=He – loved=asked – you.”
10. And becáuse you observed the word ….(etc)

… well , 
it is always dangerous to adapt but the above now includes
– a destination to whére that ‘open door’ leads to (=to eden , compare Isaiah) ,
– it now mentions that ‘eden was laid waste’ (like in the context of Isaiah) ,
– the door is now specified as the dimensional-gate theme ,
– the “was and not is” can be valid : also said of the beast elsewhere ,
– a kind of request is now embedded combined with a promise (Christ’s return)
– all prophets declare that ‘a result of understanding’ as does the Unjust Judge parable ,
– and in last line 10 the focus turns again to Christ ,
– (it may have written ofcourse ‘paradise’ instead of ‘land’ (houtos=paradeisos) ; etc) ;
closing :
is now everything ‘gate’ (and not ‘moon’) ? :
… no … it’s very tricky to discern the proper theme in such corrupt chapters ; it may be
that the intended moon was “a shine in the gate” and perhaps even ‘around the temple’ 
(or ‘the sea of glass’) ; we’ll try Isaiah 21 next ,
the ‘opening of the mouth’ and the Nebuchadnessar statue :

… that in the spells Cain is introduced 
(but as corrupt adm-soul) who was
involved in this ritual where the eden
gate (‘mouth’) was stolen and placed
in their north may account for the 
request that we must declare it clósed ;
– the strange texts almost read as if QÂN 
(Cain) has been “taken apart” and used
to construct their dimension as analogy : 
the sketch to right
shows a rough outline from the glyphs
describing their dimensional construct ,
and indeed resembling some ‘man’ form ;  
   Nebuchadnessar’s statue :
… he represented Thoth of Mystery-Babylon 
so that the statue not only related ‘to earth’ :
the “golden head” as the ÁTEN disk (dome)
surrounding M-Babylon ; the ‘brass thighs’ as
their copper throne KHENT’ – their boat ,
and interestingly a stone destroys the statue 
(and restoring all of the rule of mt. Tsiun) :
in the ‘opening of the mouth’ ritual a stone
type chisel was used  
– below link (and concept) is a bit dry
but we’ll see what it originally said ,

21 march
(from Anna) ; this afternoon I’d a sweet dream about Ezekiel (=grandson) but I only remember 
the last part.. it was so beautiful… it was a reunion ..and he was cuddling into me as though he 
were joined to me.. a part of me.. almost like merging ..and I was cuddling him too… I said to him 
“I’ve missed you so much sweetheart ”  and he replied  ” I’ve missed you too Nanna.. then so 
sweetly and almost consoling me “is all right Nanna.. we together now” and then I woke up 
I felt Him close when I woke love
And knew it wasn’t just about Ezekiel  but the 144 being together  


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