21 november
(re) posted : jes. 65 : ‘the problem
of present christianity (V)’ :

‘the five foolish virgins’ ,
as all believers who broke
the (eden-) covenant
(sober chapter)


21 november
Franklin Dream
… this one is also interesting , from four days ago ;
opening with “a situation within a situation” —
he stands on this earth , which is in reality connected
to the situation of the kite (Mystery-Babylon) ruling
through a chain the globe literally representing earth ;

… Tyre (M-B) is described as “having a banner, a flag
in blue and purple colours” (sic) , and the large hand
squeezing the flag is the best news in wéeks now ;
that the hand opens and “the rubble is blown away”
is a term used for their realm “blown away as chaff” ;

… the ‘diamonds’ should be “recovered eden aspects”
(since the green grass represents the latter) ;
yet other points in the dream are too unsure :
the “no longer a republic” must be about Tyre
(because the situation of earth was ‘still in progress’)

(start: 1,00 min – credit YT)

(from upcoming report video , M-B , her worldtree and earth)



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