21 october
new moon : 25 October 11.00 UTC …    (needing your help)
… which would make the window until the evening of the 26th , since it is
questionable whether we would need to wait another day “till the visible sliver” ;
that said ,
please remember that the 26th timeframe is deducted from a number of educated
guesses (see logs) , so not a “thus says …” in any way : in fact sadly there’s total 
silence and the dreaming is as bizarre as usual — before waking I entered the square 
of a kindergarten , only to find out that the bike stood upside-down having a flat tyre ,
then going inside the crowded hallway to ask a teacher for a pump (but see next) :
now ,
apart from searching information from believers (-that appear credible) we also keep
an eye at that certain group of ‘deluded ones’ to whom “an entity” connected itself :
there’s nothing scary in listening to these – like reading the Spells – and can be useful 
(see video link at the end , 1 hr) :
a) the first red flag you will notice is the large amount of ‘visions’ and ‘dreams’ which is
     unnatural ; the second is the subjects themsélves : ‘pyramid roofs’, ‘witches’ , etc ; 
b) you will also see that the main theme is ‘inversion’ : per ‘the left and right’ section
     as well as ‘the comet going the other way’ , etc ;
c) if then you listen to what is said , through phrases as “the infection is cleaned”
     it becomes clear that you and we are addressed here ; 
d) and though ‘a solar eclipse’ (the 25th) and moon are shown , it all covers úp
     any 25th as postponing it to sometime after that date — when it will be too late :
      hence the talking about “the mirror and it has happened” ;
     there are several other aspects but if you are attentive you will spot them 
     (and you will also understand this morning’s kindergarten dream , grin) ;
now please ,
the girl is not important – that is His job – but we should mind the souls that agree 
since that is the goal OF that entity : therefore we simply undo their Link to her ;
second — on the condition that the 25-26th holds merit ofcourse — note just how close
the finish is when the entity is pushing it just a couple of days across :
you remember that we always said “that we haven’t won till we’re out of the woods” 
and them entities will do everything to prevent the final ones of the 144 from entering :
hence please do not forget this theme and plead Him  —
it really does not matter ‘who’ will be these final ones as long as we get complete

no we’re not getting in your way Sir , you know best and we trust you ; it’s just about
showing that we are aware of this since you don’t wish a tótally blind remnant ;
for the rest we can only hope that indeed you want to end our prison next week …

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