21 september
Ritual : the first-borns (144) ‘redeemed by Mystery-Babylon’ 
… these type occult Rituals are very powerful
because they (like the billboard one) use scripture ;
Esau used this rare [quote:] ‘ancient ceremony’  [2]
to prevent that the 144 “will be born” – see logs ,
and the Red Flag here is that this consecration only
addresses the unclean ones [see Numbers 18]  —
which is exact the reason WHY it is so rare by them !
the father’s name is ‘Jacob’ 
(as all the to-be saved souls on earth) while the son
is Joseph – as the one House – but here ofcourse representing all the 144,000 ;
and the core theme of this occult Ritual is “birth (-right)” since that is what
Joseph represents : compare his life and the blessings Jacob gave to him ,
because the birthright includes and preludes the restoration of Paradise
(and wé represent Joseph , knowing what the birthsceptre theme is about : 
see several chapters , Introduction , and the just now posted CT 44) ;
the ritual required ‘witnesses’ , the 144 attribute (so why having ‘a priest’ then ?) ,
while they offered the firstborn to Shemesh , this sun , Mystery-Babylon ,
because thát is their God – shown in Beth-Shemesh as the place of their Ritual ;
… and to give even more context :
Esau knew that last year’s 2020 Feast of Trumpets would be the final one [3] ;
we’ve always said that we are not safe UNTIL we go ,
which is the reason we keep being attentive to (the increasing !) Rituals 
[1] (+pic)

[2] https://www.ynetnews.com/article/syhi3hbxy



21 september
posted : CT 44 : the sons of Ammon , the birthright (=speech) ,
the Nile (Ez. 27) , the 10 aspects (=10 horns of the Beast?) ;
part II : the stolen eden-star



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