22 april
posted : PT 600 : the pyramid ;
so that Esau can never claim
that we didn’t understand his
type symbology —
the Eye is the matrix Gate ,
and we’re sure of the concept
where the 7 corridors belong
to the slanted one in amduat 4
(as the 7 rivers in Rg-Veda) ;
this whole section is called the
watercourse – the Nile (Ez.29:3)
but also the UÂRT-thigh
as bent axis into the matrix
and the 7-fold wormhole TEPT’
in the Book of Gates ;
we’ll soon try the ÂRRIT gates
chapter in the Book of the Dead
to see if we can find details

it’s all dedicated to you Sir … you mentioned “the destroying mountain” in Zechariah
… bit by bit we WILL find back what you really have said …

it seems that this is the end line Sir … you are too late … Too Late …
umpth times we said allright just one more run 
but here is the line
– we held out for you … until Geht Nicht Mehr … waited endlessly for you
to say something or some date or anything to hold on to … you refused
… – your return starts to be a Phantom … the Originals theme a mirage …
you have hurted us beyond devastation by not saying nothing to the ones
who do nothing else but try hear you
– in turn you can accuse us of being weak … well perhaps that is true ,
but you see – you are there – that the days are a raging Void
as a neverending barrage of silly Nonsense and superficial trivialities
and it. is. not. doable. anymore
… how cursed is this hopeless situation … ‘not waiting’ is no option ,
yet all the possible conditions for to can wait have been stripped 
as heavy iron chains which is the shame about this situation
—- why don’t you act , please ?
we don’t take you as an abstract concept : 
but conceive you as a real being , a personality speaking and wanting ,
yes perhaps having much trouble with us but we f*ckn try ,
but instead that you encourage you remain that inaccessible fortress of iron 
why ?
it’s not right what you do … – as blinds we walk forward , solemly by intuition
and common sense and a dosis courage going the path to you , 
but you do not move and do not speak and do not encourage , 
as if you hated us like you do those who do not care about you
where is that path heading now ? there is none anymore …
it is a field covered in darkness where souls stand waiting for you
– who are stripped from being a soul by now – 
as a field at the outskirts of a bizarre insane world where nothing is true

we can’t come any further … – it’s a dirty job for you but come and get us
out of this ape because that we wait from you since you are our deity