22 april                                                                                                               2 weeks 4 ds
posted (part III) Lk.16 : no ‘Rich man and Lazarus’ — but the 144 witness to Jacob

… we always knew that something was wrong with these , right ,
but could not prove  it — until a restored theme would fit both ;
incredible enough neither this chapter seems to have been cut up
because the first alleged ‘parable’ seems to tell the story of Adam
how he considered that “corrupting the scroll” was his best option
and therefore the master did not ‘praise him’ but ‘will judge him’  —
and please see the remark about the Pharisees in intro
          … what would you say if we do the final week without yeast ?
          just to make an official closing – and a return to the moment
          when the Covenant timeline stopped ? is that an idea …?



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