22 december
>>> indeed
all of Esau’s minions taking a saline shot
… or why you think they use that language



22 december
… we pondered it and decided to post —
you know that all of Esau’s members are part of the same club ,
therefore “the peace deal between Morocco and Israel”
is only for outward show ;
but weird is the hamsa – an occult sign – depicted on the plane
(why didn’t he make a show with his other partner Bahrein?) ;

… the official term for Morocco is “the kingdom of the West” ,
and today “a hand (‘from the east’) is flown to there” ,
as from the ultimate symbol of Sorcery tó the pentagram ;
… why we feel that this ritual is about Damascus (‘the hand’)
trying to take cover on earth – as “the land in the West” ,
in order “(to maintain the matrix-) peace” ,
considered that these are the days that Adam will be cut off …?




22 december
“The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF)
said in a statement released on Monday that it was ethical for Roman Catholics
to use coronavirus vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses.”
… because we know the Vatican – and that she is complicit –
we know to look immediately in the other direction , and stay with our thesis




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