22 januari
… interestingly – and we think important :
doing CT 146 (will be posted tomorrow)
we found ‘the birthsceptre’ directly relating to ‘speech’
this is the same “sceptre of (the masculine house-) Judah in Gen. 49
(“speech” is typically the masculine Attribute)
and is linked to the birthRIGHT which Jacob took (-back!) from Esau ;
and this birthRIGHT means “our souls to be within our Originals”

… their realm stole that sceptre , that concept (see CT 146) ,
and the Zephaniah chapters show that therefore the ugly soul-spirits
could ‘inhabit’ an eden-type body ;
we just hadn’t made the connection to “speech” until now
because glyph-roots (nor prophets, as far we saw..) did not shów that link —
however ,
it may be the very reason why God allowed the prophets to get corrupted ,
and why he always asks the sons “to go declare (=speak out) what I said”;
in the sense that Jacob aquired the birthright Legally ,
in order for the sons to obtain the birthright deFacto :       (actual, palpable)
as to indicate that , by understanding prophets , “eden speech is restored”

so we are NOT doing the CT’s in vain, grin ;
now let’s see what other aspects in prophets we can connect to this theme …
– it is huge , in so far ,
that we do not “need to wait Judah” [anymore] , as a type very stubburn souls ,
because we háve his attribute already –
indifferent whatever soul may come to represent judah



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