22 july                                                                                                                        [needing your help please]
having held out , for you , until 530PM .. yet the thought of facing the next days 
causes this knot in the tummy … for the neverending stream of toxic idiocy , this ape
and the nagging pain are murdering us  our Majesty … we take you so very seriously
and we are fiercely loyal to you but this trauma searches to go stand inbetween 
in what has become a situation of chronic urgency … 
it doesn’t feel like ‘something is wrong’ , that something unexpected is blocking ,
yet the present window seems unstable and the thought of another year  is horrendous
        you are our Majesty ; all of us here understood and agree with everything you have 
        said and we saw that you always were kind with us  (-in the text)  —
        then please hear our plea , please tell us somehow what we can expect ;
        and how lovely it would be if that were on short term 
        then we try to wait for that the best as we possibly can next week
[+1 hr]
… the oppression has changed the past hour
because of so many of you
it’s a long story but every serious word of you (-to Him) feels like a hammer ;
there’s nothing strange in that , in fact it’s supposed to be
because everyone of us has the same authority for the whole
just please know that this is not about ‘trying to change His mind’
but only as open question
and you will tell us what you decided , Sir
it rarely happens but i made a mistake to you
I said we wait as best we can but I started the wrong way today
not sure how that happened — perhaps starting in the wrong gear
I’m very sorry , especially to you our dear Sir
give us the energy for another set of monstrous days
        on the other hand : we can watch a bunch of cyclists coursing
        around an obelisk (which we can read) as the non-event called
        ‘tour the France’ or be engaged in even more Debile events —
        it’s all one fckn sht show degrading us beyond belief



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