22 march
posted : Is. 20 + 21 + 22 (composite) :
theme of Philadelphia church in Revelation :
“if you understand my words I come to take you in the third year”
yet this is immediately related to the Gate theme

– only today showed that “the three years” (Is.20) was part of this theme ;
the dream was “you and we as a group of hundred – but likely more –
having been pested out of our small city by all it’s other netizens
who had enjoyed harassing us in a nasty way but with friendly face” ;
our exodus had just started , none of us had water nor food , some even
wore pyjama’s still , and the sign to the first village said “3 miles”
these days
it is 3,5 years ago that we started this project … – Sir say it is now



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