22 oktober
recognizing the others of the 144,000
… God tells that the 144,000 will be formed
through dreams and visions (‘the latter rain’) ,
and we’re glad to have found proof in this girl
— though there are many ‘endtime dreams’,
this one stand out because it carries a theme :

… as a theme we immediately recognize as genuine , coupled with the way she
expresses her thoughts : note how she doesn’t care about the reason of darkness
but only about the darkness itself — as a recurring theme in prophets ;
and though she explains the main themes right , she mis-identifies the subjects
because she doesn’t [=’read : can’t’] know what prophets really wrote .

… her next video shows undoubtedly the theme of ‘the 144,000’ coming into existence ,
where “the one guiding her” is the concept of ‘the sons’ , as the narrow hallway which
contains the many (attributes of-) candidate sons , where sadly a number of them
turn away ; see (the somewhat lengthy vid) here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jsTI7fe_i8



22 oktober
(re-) posted : Is 45 “Christ becoming king of all souls”
… as best as we could , and the context must be right ;
heavily corrupted for understandable reasons ! ;



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