april 23  [8pm]
FYI – sound article concerning the barley harvest : ‘end of April’ :
but it seems May 1 is too late …
the Jubilee year
… first off : the context of what Christ said about it (Mk.4) has been corrupted
since the context in prophets is as following :
Is. 61
1-3 : the favourable year of IEUE ,
4      : ‘then the 144 will rebuild eden’ ;
Is 58 :
5  :   favourable day (can be ‘year’)
12  : the 144 rebuild eden ;
           13 : a condition :
             not ‘turn foot from sabbath’ but ‘search the gate’ ? (shbth=shor?)
             and not ‘you call the sabbath’ but ‘call (=declare) the double door’ ? (shbth=dlth?)
             as “[+you] do [=my] desire”  — namely that declaring ; 
in this chapter also :
– trumpet (1)
– ‘slider bar’ (6) , compare “the bar of Egypt in Thephanhes” (glyph TEFNUT) ,
     or “the bar at the gate Damascus” (sic) ,
– ‘light’ and ‘darkness’ (10) , can’t be quasi-mystical as KJV presents ; 
… it appears more specific as (only) “search what I have said in prophets” 
though that line undoubtably will appear in these chapters ; 
Is. 49
8  : the favourable season 
        but likely about freeing the Originals + the eden land ;
… then comes the tricky part : Lev.25 writes that the start of the Jubilee
should be “with a trumpet – on the 10th day of the 7th month” : that makes no sense :
perhaps it was THIS one later changed into the ‘trumpets in the 7th month’ ; 

but ‘that year’ should start át the year which is the first of the first month , right ?
as each year would start with a trumpet – but perhaps the Jubilee as some
extended version of that ?
… problem now is that ‘the sequence of the (still) 7 feasts’ feels a bit Off
or is that just a matter of getting used to it ?
so – and what about the first of May ?
23 april
posted : CT 1138 : the (double-) eye – useful one
… so this day is given to you Sir… and every next day would be a next victory
but you see it’s fragile and certainly will not last long
therefore , and that is no whining , please tell when you will act

(from Anna , an hour ago)
The moment I turned out my light and lay down and started praying.. I was suddenly 
overcome by a so strong sense of urgency and like things were speeding up… I felt 
it all around me like some fast forward … was that sphere… and impending Darkness
…an It… so Evil presence I felt… I’d to turn on the light straight away 
– ‘they’ are working overtime these days so you please stay careful 



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