23 august
posted : (2nd half of-) end of book Revelation : Christ speaks
… this whole section is now solid and congruently restored ,
and are we glad we MIS-trusted KJV’s lines 18 and 19 !

23 august
the mysterious plane in Kabul 
… we saw it a few days ago but didn’t pay attention ;
however the vid >>> certainly has some points ,
also having credit after Esau’s MSM furiously denying it 
(but they are playing with 2 different planes !) ;
indeed there do exist “inflatable military planes”
or – alternatively – the réal plane can have been pulled
by two tractors (or the engines’d have killed the masses)
in another place and another time – see the runway ;
the main hint is
the “9/11” numbered plane , the 9/11 theme supported by
the suggested ‘people having clinged to it falling from the sky’,
where Esau CAN have suggested here a massive event again
(and if you add up the other numbers you’ll see ’22’ ,
which is close to NASA’s “24 september” – see a previous log ;
where MSM pointed out “the quadrillion $ as Afghanistan’s resources” ,
which is the same term NASA used for their “4 quadrillion $ comet”) ;
and let’s not forget
the US having raised ‘terror alert until Nov – related to 9/11’

… whatever he is planning : again a positive dream last night
(and we feel the push to post the last chapter) :
do act in time Sir .. or our girls won’t survive it




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