23 december
John 10 : what did Christ say during the winter feast of dedication ?
–  the chapter contains two parts ,
A)   lines 1-21 ,
        in which He explains how He is the shepherd of all of Jacob  —
        most of this message seems intact , though we’ve to see why the repetitions ;
        while there is no discrepancy between "I AM the door" and the moon-theme ;
B)   lines 22-30 , the winter-feast section ,
        if we assume that these above key terms were not corrupted
        then first the situation needs to be described :
–   thát He spoke at this non-scriptural feast may denote "the ninth month theme" ;
–   by context , this section must be "a deepening of previous part I" ,
–   while walking in the portico of ‘Solomon’, meaning to us : read wisely ! ;
–   equally important : He was surrounded by ‘Jews’ – read : Pharisees ,
      but they were only interested in what He would say to GO CORRUPT THAT
      (we saw this in other parables as well) , hénce they corrupted also this section ! ,
      because in this case the main theme was about His return —
      while His only answer can be “I will , when the sons HAVE found the belief” ,
      conform the parable of the judge and the widow ;
                                    the winterfeast section – part I :
lines 22-23 ;
line 24 :
"… and they said to Him : when will you take away the souls of us=them ,
if=when [..] the christ=sign (christos=parasêmos) will happen of your tell=return    +
to plainly=rescue (parrésia=sôtêria) the us=sons (égo=ihios) ?" ;
line 25 :
"Jesus answered : I will said=return (eipon=epanerchomai !) [..2x..]
not=when you=they will believe the works=words which [..1x..]
my Father has do=spoken (poió=eipon) ,
and they (or: sons?) will bear witness concerning me=them (‘words’) " ;
[so far so good –
next , very tricky – because unlikely "belief" is repeated : instead , theme progresses :]
line 26 :
"but=because you=they (‘144’) will be the (-ones) out of my sheep you=who [..1x..] 
will have believed=found (?) according to (-what) He (God) said=asked (?) you=them" ;
                               the winterfeast section – part II :
next 27-28-29 :
until now the lines above are "rather neutral" and are defendable ,
however we háve the context of "the 9th month" here – there is no escaping this ,
so the question is "how could that theme be further specified from here onwards" ,
and yes – we’re a bit biased at this point :
now , the very term “moon” could have been mentioned here ,
but if not , then the “buildup of the theme in these lines”
would point already to a similar buildup as in Hag. 2 , Is. 21 , etc ;
either way , in spite of the corruptions there MUST follow some clue now ;
note also how 28 and 29 have the same endings 
as twice "none shall pluck them out of the hand" = impossible (=corrupted) ,
while the used term in both cases is -harpazó "snatch away , rapture" !! ; 
27 , attempt :
"but [+they] will [+not] sheep=hear the sound of the hear=trumpet ,
and [+they] will I=not understand [..] and=why they have to follow=wait for me" ; 
next ,
     28 and 29 – some direct juxtaposition : contextual attempt :]
     28 :
     then I will give=show them the [..+?..] that [..] has perish=imprisoned them [..+?..] ,
     and [+why] [+I] have not snatched [+them] away 
     out=until [+they] hand=declared (?) (cheir=gnôrizô?) [+him] to me ;
29 :
     [.. unknown conditional clause about the subject..]
     "…then I will snatch them away and hand=bring (?) (cheir=âgo?) them to my Father" ;
30 :
"[+because] I and the Father are=declare the one=same (-things) (‘textually’) "



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