23 february  
… just before waking , the dream showed “a wedding in 1-2 weeks”    —
as such an unusual theme that the rest of the context got lost when trying
to recall what it was about ; please remember it was ‘just a dream’ 
but let’s hope that indeed it will be the end of our journey …
— we’ll make a final run then Sir … as honourful as possible … but please
promise you take the soul out of this shameful ape … and let not any imprint
of those cursed thoughts from outside through that hateful ‘I’ stick to her …
– she understands very well that your forgiveness will be your greatest gift ,
and highly respects your free will … then please you be our deity , of all the 144 ,
as you have said you would want to 
23 february
– if true that this is our last run … please pray for the completion of the 144,000
because you know that we won’t be safe until the last ones joined 
… – Esau knows that too and is organizing “a day of prayer for peace in Ukraine“,
read : for a situation he himself has organized ,
so that “the Queen of Peace will preserve the world from the madness of war” [1] ;
the goal is to maintain ‘the status-quo’ (‘peace’) of the queen holding the golden cup
and is strengthened by the selected day : March 2 or Ash-Wednesday       —
behind the facade of piety the occult Ritual is clear : the “strewing of ash upon the head”
is in scripture always ‘guilt’ (and in lesser sense ‘mourning’) , while the ash itself comes
from palm leaves which is an attribute of our Originals , see Revelation 
(and the entry of Christ into old-Jerushalem had the same context) :
so the burnt aspects of our Originals (!) are mixed with ‘holy water’ – a ritual invocation ,
and now as mixed physical essences placed upon the person as “the soul’s Original Guilt”, 
highly empowering Esau’s requested mantra 
    – cemented to the above
is his “Alliance between generations must be found again” [2] , outwardly about the youth
and elderly finding eachother again but the giveaway line is “Your elders shall dream dreams
and your young men shall see visions” [2] so you immediately know this is about us
and more precise : about the completion of the 144 – who are “the young” / manchild here 
since it are the new ones who receive visions these days
while ‘the wise elderly’ – as Esau ofcourse – are [quote] “the roots” (and see three logs ago) ;
where the goal here is to maintain a connection of (-any of the) 144 to earth , as status-quo 
(the Ritual linking to previous is achived by the phrase “twentieth-century totalitarianism”)




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