23 january
Monterey event now as ‘birth sceptre’ occult Mega Ritual : Vatican chimes in

… next to the aspects mentioned yesterday (see log) the alleged shooter conveniently 
“killed himself” – the patsy is now irrelevant because the ritual had been performed – 
named as the 72 y old Huu Can Tran ; and simple etymology shows
Huu = tiger, reckless, wild, beard, whiskers, 
Can = staff (!) , to crush                           
Tran = dawn, morning         “the rough one (has) + the staff (of) + the (eden-) dawn”
but it gets more weird :
the Pope wished everyone “a happy new Lunar year” [=linking to Ritual]   yesterday , adding , 
“my thoughts [..]   turn to Myanmar, where the church of our Lady of the Assumption in 
the village of Can Thar […]   was burned and destroyed. Please […..]   that this conflict will soon
come to an end, opening a new period of […]   peace.”

         now — that anóther ‘Can’ shows up is a chance of one in trillions : this “village” is so obscure
         that one must search for it [and written as ‘Kan’]   , where “the Assumption” is really ‘a concept’ ,
         namely “the Transfiguration – as taken up in glory into heaven” : our birth-right theme ;
         and becáuse it is but a concept , a strawman , ritualistically it is not necessary “theirs” but
         can be used for this purpose – here to be read as “in the village [=earth]   of Can [=Esau
        having the sceptre]   the Transfiguration of the house [=we]   is as (to be) destroyed” :

          to have 1 Bln (catholic-) souls to support the Ritual by prayer : understanding it or not