23 june                                                                                                                                         +/- ONE DAY
posted : Is.61 : our Originals freed after we understood that declaring the sceptre
causes  the acceptable day upon which God will act 
[chapter is part II of Is.58]

… she came out very well and is a gorgeous chapter with a sweet theme ;
please see intro why  ‘the proclaiming’ per context refers to us
and why – because the text is solid enough – we are bold to do that please
so that hopefully this may be the final posted chapter … 
         your Majesty … always forgive us everything , immediately , please ;
         there’s nothing we can do anymore at this point but also trust you that
         indeed this is what you intended — the text is almost unusually strong
         and encouraging  : this showed throughout all the words
         apart from it being a gorgeous theme ofcourse
         therefore we wait for the cavalry your Majesty .. please take us home



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