23 mei

the ‘covid vaccine’ : optogenetics related
… because of pondering
whát can happen “when this sun will go dark”
(and knowing that the evil dimension will come
upon earth , based upon “crystalline light”)
we stumbled upon this theme – see to right ;

you’ll immediately spot the theme here :
step 1 : create an encoding gene ,
step 2 : insert that construct into a virus ,
step 3 : inject (everyone with it) ;
      (2016 ; medium com = MSM)
            click to enlarge
… the next step 4 has to do with “it will receive a type light” – but not as depicted ;
step 5 : virtual control over all the cells in the body :
                  even neurons can be ‘silenced’ OR ‘fired up’ (to control behavior) , and so on ;

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