23 november
having deleted the swear word – that was wrong ofcourse ,
not wanting any hook for a curse to can cling to
… that said ,
perhaps we are indeed under a curse … an unknown one , from outside ,
because we are so so incredibly stuck , it’s beyond belief
       and there is no answer …
and not wanting to let down you ofcourse … but pray tell , how come
that we’re in this trainwreck ? have we overlooked any theme or aspect ?
– hardly … did it write ‘the seventh year’ instead of ‘the third’ ? : ánything is
possible but would that make Sense .. ?
       the disappointment is so total , she doesn’t even plead for help anymore ,
       numbed waiting until each awful and empty day has passed over her ,
       and any next window is utterly impossible far away
this can not have been intended yet it is happening … what we do ??



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