23 october
last log for now …
… and the story continues — which is not our mistake ; see link at end ;
where the timeframe after the event (as the one we wait for – be it the 25th , 
26th or even 27th) has shrunken down to mere minutes now ,
while introducing ‘a mourning dove’ , sic , where a dove as symbol reminds us
to the “… but there-will-be-no peace” complete with an added ‘triangle mark’ :
turning the video into a rather creepy context …
— you know that we learned ‘healthy mistrust’ the hard way , right : this flesh ,
   the (prophets-) scroll , politics , everything — searching for gems beneath 
   all the lies yet with exemption of the restored text those gems are very rare ..
therefore it would be nice to can be positive to you concerning the event
but the truth is that hope is all that we’ve got … and hoping to meet you there

you will have very much to forgive us Sir … and you’ll even need to make
your hands dirty to get us out of this lousy ape still .. – you said that you will
accept your restored words and you mentioned ‘the third year of that’ :
Sir if you won’t get our half dead souls out now the result will be catastrophic   

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