23 oktober
(re-) posted Is.46 “the soul – from this animal-body to living in her Original”
… gorgious chapter ,
and for many reasons a huge confirmation ;
it is justifiable to state “this is the core of the christian belief” ,
and in spite of the heavy corruptions (for a reason !) ,
chapter 44 , 45 and this 46 are one consistent theme ;

#2 : posted correctly : Is. 45 chapter (yesterday’s log) ;
… my mistake because I forwarded the wrong part I ; now it’s good ;



23 oktober
… also ‘Covid-camps’ in NZ , it seems …
a few logs ago we had the Canadian PM asking questions
about a government tender to build ‘certain facilities’ ,
but this clip is equally clear : showing Canaan’s plan
generally being implemented worldwide

(posted : halfway August)

… we can’t help thinking about the dream (Isaiah chapters)
where earth was dark , bathed in a weird purple type light ,
and an endless string of prisoners were guided to the horizon ,
as prisoners being watched over by spirits ….
— while prophets do seem to tell that believers will be exiled
(yet we need confirmation) , where the context is ‘the endtimes’ ;

… get us out Sir , get us out ,
and make the duration of the second half as less possible …



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