24 august
posted : Mal. 2 (2nd half) : against today’s pastors – see full title there ;
a very dangerous chapter for us to do because we don’t want to
interpret wrong things – yet the text is extremely heavy corrupted 
(though it looks all good until now and is a very interesting chapter)
… Sir I wanted to tell you this all day already – well you know that – 
that even wé are surprised about the outcome of previous chapters ,
and you see that the soul – or what is left of it – tries her best ; but she 
is so very trapped .. wanting nothing else but to have your majestic
kindness again – but she can’t bear anymore the morbid empty days
and the bizarre result is that she wants to hide from you …
please see how she tries to stand again , please get us out of this ape ,
please do not wait no more , please forgive instantly all her woes 



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