24 january
the war on the last ones
… though Esau keeps on pushing his chimera jab in certain regions
[CAN, AUS, NZL] , since over a week now he started a doublespeak ,
suggesting a possible end of the covid (-hoax) — but why ?
… ofcóurse he won’t stop and neither is he ‘consolidating his position’ ,
and how would he start up again his created fearmongering so that
people would take the hundreds of millions already ordered poisonjabs ?
it just didn’t make Sense …
however — it does when you consider that the relaxation of the pressure
is linked to ‘the spiritual blanket (-over earth)’ , and that this temporary
breath of freedom can stall the last ones who are to arrive to us

through this occult Ritual Esau is buying just a little more crucial time ,
while his HQ shows that same intent in both links below —
these new ones are ritually being chained to “this world and the flesh” ,
as “not to be in orbit (moon theme) but to be in this earths reality” ;
you know by now how to spot the phrases and context :


[25 Jan.:]
– a totally unexpected and very unsettling nightmare –
this time the mature ones of the 144 were viciously attacked ,
yet it was unclear whether they survived it or fell away
… is this because of yesterday’s log and now it’s angry at us ?
– whatever is going on , today is f*ckn lousy
[26 Jan.:]
sigh … the stumbling happened áfter writing the above ..
– today a dream with “the decree that God’s word is valid”
or perhaps “.. valid again” – the rest of it got lost , sorry ;
does this mean Sir that the blockage is over …?



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