24 maart
after making a flaming post because of genuine furious anger
about how those coward sock puppets called gov
lie everything together in order to keep up Esau’s coJona hoax ,
we decided to not submit it : not because it isn’t true but because
it is a Trap for us — yet the whole thing left us deeply exhausted

then we stumbled upon this site ; and though we don’t base nothing
upon dreams of others , the theme of “darkness over this world”
and then “a bright light” , combined with “earthquake”
(which we hR still categorize as ‘a change in consciousness’)
seems to be a common theme in many of their dreams the past year

we said earlier that our job isn’t done until all 144 are safe ;
we don’t know whó those are (and that’s fine) , and we’re sure that
God forgives all of them – belonging to the Philadelphia church – kindly ;
you and we he will need to forgive the most
since we understood everything he said what’s going on and will happen
… but exactly this makes our situation even more painful as theirs



24 maart
(03.10h) – we could see that the Boulder shooting was different
from the previous ones (like the spa) done by confused persons ,
neither it appeared that Esau was behind it as one of his rituals ,
but we had the weird feeling that an entity organized this one ;
only just ago the name was released :
‘the praised. follower of the prophet. of the saving god’
(the latter as egyptian Menu or Amen “the hidden one”) ,
as rather fitting for a very religious driven individual
deeply hating those who don’t adhere the same ;
since there is no satisfying etymology for ‘soopers’ (but soaper)
and because it’s valid to look for anóther semitic name ,
only root s-ph-r makes sense : either as ‘scroll’ or ‘scribe’ ,
and “scroll of the king” (king = God) makes perfect sense ,
and compare the ‘prophet’ + deity in the other name
(we leave out the ‘boulder’ for now – a type stone)

adding to that a dream, just ago – wanting to purchase something
inside a bank , but the bank itsélf played a money trick upon me ,
leaving me with worthless types of currency
(‘different currencies’ relates to the 144 , see a previous log) ;
… – posted for Legal reason ; making this undone



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