24 march
the (eden-) gate , Judah , the 144 , ‘the two kings’ , the East and Russia

… trying to phrase as clear as possible ;
the current “War in Heaven” ritual also
contains the aspect “west and east” ;
where the Vatican is the first and an
unidentifiable other king plays the east ,
but how does that relate to us 144 …?

apart from dreams about “finally meeting 
Judah in Russia” we know that Judah
represents “(the lion in-) the eden gate”
according to Genesis ; while a rather
strange line in Ezekiel pictures “the house             
of Judah bowing to the East – to the sun” 
occult Ritual 7 Feb. 2022
“the two kings plotting at a table” (Daniel)
which is said to be an abomination : but what is it with this East ?
Right now , the Fatima Ritual fears “the errors of Russia” which is related to “her gate”,
therefore the danger can only be “representatives of the 144 of Judah (-there)” , right ?

the problem must be “the double east”, also described in prophets , the real East as
Heaven and a region in front belonging to her – which we termed ‘false east’ (-qdm) 
to show the difference — as the territory where the large army of the Beast will fall 
(read : where Fatima will fall !) ;  
since the matrix holds on to this false-east (glyph ÁABT) as their bridgehead to Heaven , 
this situation was likely transponded upon earth through “the two kings” concept   —
now : in Daniel , the king of the West (‘north’) will fall when the 144,000 rise ,
hence the Fatima Ritual describes “the vatican in trouble when Russia isn’t consecrated”,
and therefore she wants to kéep (the candidates of-) Judah worshipping ‘her’ false-east 
– but
is there more for us to (have to-) understand about this ,
apart from pleading that the Judah candidates won’t fall because of this Ritual .. ?
(in spells , the ‘double door (-of the gate)’ , both of the eden and matrix gate ,
is understood as “a two leaved door” – and also prophets mention this aspect ;
perhaps as “a western and eastern aspect”)
24 march
synchronity of the Fatima Ritual
… not surprisingly , Zelensky yesterday called for “everyone to go upon the streets”
“starting from the 24th (-of March)” , to protest for peace      —
how very timely ,
since the problem with the prévious “Russia consecrations” was that they did not match
the requirements prescribed by “Queen” (-of Mystery-Babylon) , namely that
“[She] insisted that it is Russia (and Russia only) that is to be the object of this public 
act of obedience and prayer. In addition, our Lord and our Lady have indicated that the 
Holy Father is to be joined in the act of consecration by all the Catholic bishops 
of the world on the same day and at the same time in their respective dioceses.”  [1] 
hmm .. 
perhaps an idea for Esau to start some war , to make sure there IS attention ..? ;
– about the mentioned ‘Lord’ :
according to them it is ‘Lord Jesus’ , but see the two kings theme above ofcourse …



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