24 may
incredible but it has backed down
… the pressure can come from anywhere — from the other realm ,
or from Esau’s “shamans praying to spiritually support his WEF meeting” 
https://hugotalks.com/2022/05/20/you-wont-believe-this-hugo-talks/    (vv)
or Satan knows what similar type acts to get the blanket over earth dark
yet probably
it isn’t attacks “from outside” but problems still with our own — the 144 ;
this morning again a dream about ‘foreign people yet ours’ ,
first about a group we gave supplies to ; next about the scroll suggesting the
theme was ‘(the house-) Judah’ ; then a native american squaw stood alongside
a wall and I had to cut off the very tip of her nose — but ofcourse I couldn’t , :
then a male family member of her (?) did it , afterwards stretching out his hand
and making a cross sign with the knife he held
these type dreams are tricky but the theme past week was ‘humiliation’ but in the
sense to get humble : the supplies they got was “head gear” and ‘the nose’
relates to humiliation (while native americans are a typical proud people) ; 
perhaps a number of Judah were “not humble enough” but made so in trials with 
their fellow believers …? ; but again – these dreams are unusual and tricky  



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