we still would need to write it all down but for the Legal :
(Sumerian-) ENKI is ‘the masculine evil ruling earth’ ;
and his paradise as ‘inner-earth’ is DILMUN (represented as… Qatar !) ,
having 8 ‘regions’ (aspects) – hence also the Qatar infinite 8 symbol ;
the ME ‘tablets of destiny’ (stolen from eden) are ‘in’ inner earth – comp. the orb vid ;
for ‘humanity’ he made was by the blood of KINGU – our Originals …

26 nov [6pm]       24 hours left … – please our Majesty , don’t let us down …
25 nov [3am]     dream : ‘Satan comes on this earth’ (posted under 24) [+important UPD]  
24 november
Qatar 2022 as Ritual : Adam protecting Mystery-Babylon

… before you think that we’ve finally lost it :
please first watch the 2 min animation video
and the description right below — then decide
whether you want to continue parts B and C 
of this log which will show more context 
concerning this specific Ritual ; yesterday we
opted that a possible ‘curse’ can be going on
and because we can rule out nothing in this
timeframe we came to this Qatar one  —
knowing full well that the enemy would not 
skip the chance to suck off energy of billions ;
teaser : the mascot name is “the Trickster” :

Mascot-verse EP 3 [animation – vid]   :
– first , “they are camping in the desert [sic]  ” where other facets of this Ritual 
    want “to keep us – 144 – IN the desert (-as earth)” ; the mascot [‘Adam’]   narrates
    his Trickster-story to ‘the children’ – who can be or the 144 , or Jacob , or the other
    people of this world : that’s irrelevant as long ‘they are baiting’ ; 
– note the book [=scroll]   working towards the other reality by showing the solarplane
    popping up out of it (0.32) ;
– ‘the mascot-verse , high up in the sky’ [=Mystery-Babylon]   (0.42) ;
– ‘tiny crystals flying’ – as their dome over their land (? , because ‘crystal’) ;
– now ‘the mountain has the mascot face’ (1.01) , and since the mountain towers over 
    the stargazer this turns the stargazer into ‘Adam’ ;
– ‘Mystery-Babylon being threatened by destruction’ [=the crystal ball]   ;
    and remember how “adam will tremble when he will hear the report” :
    see (1.24) : sic , ‘prayers’ ; while ‘the mayor’ is “the king of Babylon” [=Thoth]   ? ;
– at (1.33) the mascot comes out of the stargazer : so it wás Adam ; 
– the solution to avoid their destruction is ‘football [-on earth]  ‘ (1.35) , as occult Ritual :
– for ‘it is time to unite and protect your [=his]   goal w/ all of your soul’ (1.54) ;
– ‘as the days [=of the threat]   went by’ (2.02) : what – 3 years now ? ;
– ‘the mascots’ can well be ‘the sons of Ammon’ [=supporting Adam]   (2.08) ?
     because the sorcery component is obvious ;
     helping him “because all is now” [=’a desperate last chance’ ?]  

–  it is unclear who ‘the angel’ is (2.30) , it can be Adam or even lucifer  
     but most likely it’s a female , as the whore [-of M-Babylon]   
–  because she shows at (2.38) as holding/being the golden cup [sic !]   , 
     [this one is different from the FIFA trophy : a goddess holding up earth / a ball]   ; 
– ‘Adam’ rescued the cup (2.41) ; 
less important : for readability – and to save space – this is just short :
… [EP. 2 ; 4 mins]   : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OC3PXKuFgLA
(0.48) : ‘Adam’ is ‘forever’, shown by the Infinite symbol (latter is FIFA’s words) ,
hence the “we were there 1000’ds of years ago” – for he is ‘our ancestor’ ! ;
(1.20) : the obsession with “dimensional portals” — also closing them , sic ;
(1.42-43) : that is true ofcourse — hence the Ritual ; 
(2.24) : sic , read : to invade ;
(2.58) : interesting : ‘Adam’ – these days ?
(3.53) : the unborn child may be ‘the 144’ considered the Qatar Opening Ritual ;
…. [EP. 1 ; 4 mins]   : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_OgzLPWIEk
start : he is to be devoured (weird : we used the SAME phrase yesterday …) ;
then again a section of ‘portals’ ; at (3.29) , the hole with teeth in the desert
represents “this prison earth” but masked as ‘stadiums’ — where in the Opening
Ritual both blocks [=both Houses?]   deriving from the unborn child [=see above]  

descend into the stadium and [144?-]   lights stream down from it :
true , that section remains a bit unclear but we can not comprehend évery detail ;
description of other Ritualistic aspects :
– the ‘Qat_ar 2022’ as logo is explained by the official (qatar2022 qa) site
as “a calligraphic Arabian version” but it is meant to draw attention to the word 
since it refers to Strong’s number 6999 , literally ‘to burn sacrifices’ (-qatar) ;
not necessary ‘human ones’ but also “smoke” as ‘worshipping deities’ 
so , as ‘energy’ – in this case the Trickster – since his logo is shown next to it ;
        – the same they did with the 8 very mediocre posters (see qatar2020 qa)
        where the core term is (-hayya) ‘life’ : namely “for the Trickster” ;
        but because you know that Semitic roots fluctuate it may just as well be
        (-hayy) [hajj]   referring to “(trapped-) pilgrims” — we — or the second
        meaning of that word , ‘sorcery’ ;
        the case of ‘the mascot’ – aka ‘Adam’ :
… the mascot named La’eeb , is everywhere explained as “super-skilled player” 
but since Google is so corrupt now that it shows only 24 pages containing
only the p-correct finds , it took some time seeing it derives from (-la’iba) ,
1. to play , 2. to trick , to cheat (‘trickster’) ;
         – the ‘5-point star within a circle’ is ofcourse said to be ‘a football’ but 
         matches (yes) too much the hieroglyph T’AT [=Duat , Dat]   , the name for
         the underworld : but in fact the region of the matrix-gate where Adam is ;
         the ‘flowers’ are less clear but can be the matrix ‘tree of life’ in that same
         region – google ‘Nut goddess tree of life’ ;
… the tricky one is the head-dress itself : we long time now hold that the
Egyptian type headdress (comp. Tutânkhámen) was a copy of Adam’s — 
knowing how infatuated the sons of Ammon were with him ; on itsélf this
aspect is perhaps too Weak – but not in combination with all of the above ;
conclusion :
… this Ritual is not easy to spot because poured in ‘a bit childish form’
but that does not mean it is less effective ! , and remember the narrator’s
words in the video “you inspire us artists” ;
the main goal is that millions agree with the premise of this Ritual and in a 
way it makes much sense that Adam is behind especially this one …
— ofcourse we have questions : COULD it stop or delay what He wants ? ,
and we’ve no answer to that (is this some ‘delaying enough [-Ritual]  ‘ ?) ;
and is it linked to the horrific theme of óther children , the poor SRA ones ,
done as “supportive Ritual” for the same ’cause’ , of which every now and 
then some information comes out in the open [see here and here]   ? ;
— and we have ofcourse the ongoing Ukraine Ritual , see logs from March ,
where thousands of males are sacrificed for Esau — in the region where the
dream-vision ended (see page) and the final ones of the 144 appeared

therefore you and we must stay attentive , examining everything :
but the greatest problem we have is this deafening iron Silence of Him …
[25 nov 4 am]  
… after shower before sleep I said Him how hopeless this being in the pit is
and remembered Jeremiah [who was taken out by good strangers]   , thinking
to look at that section tomorrow if it was endtime related (I think it is)
       forgot first half of the dream [usually they’re common]   but after having got Lost
       in a foreign city at night I sat upon the bed of a pickup truck and there were
       two guys like from the Trained Resistance : one of them next to me showed
       me a sunday-school page with some scribbles of mine [which I couldn’t read]  

       and (thérefore-) the other one sat on one knee upon the street just below us ,
       having taken my ultramodern iphone (I don’t use one) and after a small blue
       light indicated ‘it searched’ , a number of óther blue lights appeared IN the 
       street in some 10 ft square around ;
he said “this is the place where Satan will ascend (-onto earth)” and I knew
that was any moment now because (some of-) the buried phones had lit up ; then :
“I buried the phones [=some 20, 40 ?]   in the week that you [=I think it was ‘when
you were asleep’]  ” ; and next , they started to drive – like crazy – as if on a mission ,
I sat in the back between tools and other things having no idea where we went ;
strange vehicles passed by like trucks carrying tanks having weird armor
and I recognized the region as ‘the evil East’ [=from other dreams]   

I don’t think the guys were ‘Chamites’ as in the Jeremiah story [I assume nothing
just said that I thought about that story ; second I reject that a(-ny) dream can come
from ‘just a thought’]   : in fact befóre that there was something with ‘an Arabian (?)
and an iphone’ so perhaps it – the phones – are Chamites belonging to us ??
Chamites indeed are deeply buried by Esau , using them as his specific blackmail ;
       – he didn’t say ‘Adam’ but ‘Satan’ and the context was ‘this earth’ ; I’ve no idea
       what the phones nor the scribbling nor the mission was about ; but my opinion
       is that both were ‘angels’
… and if anything , this dream must show that God is still working – and fast ,
and that is a great relief eventhough we don’t know what is going on these days 
[UPD 5 pm]  
– first : the new moon shows today at 2300 UTC ; if we maintain Booths during
    the past week , ‘the eight day’ would start tomorrow afternoon : we have a grim
    chance [=because not logical]   that it is our Date but after last night who knows ..?
– then the Jeremiah story ,
    the fall of Jerusalem was a fóreshadowing of the endtime ; while Zephaniah 
    even clearer places ‘the good group of Cham’ (or Kush) in the endtime and their
    special Attribute is “the evil realm loses their right to obtain the type eden body” ;
– the fact that we are in the pit [=the well]   
    must mean ‘that we have no authority over this specific attribute’ like that group has ,
    in the sense that you and we have a Legal general authority because of the scroll 
    but the mentioned aspect itself must belong to the Cham group …
so what is that specific attribute ?
please realize that the next section is a mind exercise , to try understand things better ;
it is quite Tricky because ‘MIXTURE’ plays a great role , so please use discernment :
today I found this vid and was astounded :
it talks about ‘blue pinpoints + orbs , inner earth , cellphone , angels, alien texts’ 
and you can imagine my curiosity reading so many matching themes  —
before you start it know that the title is not quite correct

since obviously presented themes link to the evil realm ;
HOWEVER — he says “dreams over a period of two years”
and (to me-) it seems “some war is going on concerning
a certain Attribute” where the 4th dream is almost positive :
falsification (about the guy) :
… ofcourse the FIRST thing we always do , right , is to look
what óther kind of vids there are to can judge better (to our
abilities ofcourse) what that certain person réally believes ,

and in one of them he describes ‘the problem of Cham : which is mixture’ quite well ,
even how it showed as “two different type bones sticking out of him” [=and do see the
rest of the log below]   , and how God (Christ) freed him fróm that mixture as visible IN him : 
it all rings true , obviously he’s a ‘recent’ believer , appéaring to have some Chamite roots ; 
— the first dream :
(not to overdo it) : ‘a house’ is often “the consciousness of a tribe or company” 
where ‘kitchen’ is obviously ‘the place where (spiritual-) food comes from’ ; the “orb” theme
we know nothing about [=and like to stay away from it]   but that it was “a benevolent angel” 
seems Implausible , especially because of ‘the spacecraft’ theme [=we neither like]   next :  
to me , it seems like “They” want him – but there still is a choice (the two doors , at 3.00) ;
— second dream :
the ‘quarantine’ methinks relates tó ‘the orb’ because it morphs into some E.T. ;
the “after the elections” (5.14) again seems ‘a choice’ theme : ‘selecting the Cham group’ ? ;
— third dream :
the ‘looking to the left’ is Negative , even in his own other vid ; the ‘password’ section (7.03)
is interesting , where the computer refers to ‘a matrix reality’ – actually : stárting it on earth ? ;
— fourth dream :
the ‘tiny blue orb’ (7.50) reminds of log last night ; (next , locking up the iron weight is positive?) ;
then , “the orb going up and down” : because it couldn’t get ‘into space no more” THEREFORE
the only option was “to go in the earth”.. ? ; then “the ancient writing on golden tablets” (9.50) ,
does this imply that he finally conquered his attribute (-hidden IN earth) ?
the link to ‘Russia’ is weird : see C in log of yesterday while in the logs of March we saw that
Russia was vital in the Vatican’s Fatima-occult-Ritual linked to ‘the end of the world’ ;
at (10.19) he had his phone with him to take pics of it : is this “the cellphones which the Angel 
buried in the street [=earth]  ” — as if ‘guiding the Cham group to win that attribute” … ?
… what to make of this ?
so he was IN earth with his cellphone while the angel said (see log) ‘satan will ascend here’ ,
just how much is the chance ?? ; yet ‘satan’ is not necessarily “the” Satan because ‘adversary’ 
can mean a ránge of Evil things — but what kind of demon group is this about ?
we did start to link “inner earth” with ‘Moab‘ : just the chapters are extremely corrupted :
Cham [=in general]   must carry the burden of “the humanoid ape” theme as the one which
received the eden-aspects — hence the deep ‘Mixture’ — but ‘who’ is the demon-group that
holds such strong Legal authority over this humanoid-ape concept ?
is this the Anunna/Giants group that were Disembodied ? 
        it raises many other questions – what is with this ‘technical science’ [=like the Angel held
        but was not his’ while I hate those things]   yet used it ‘to communicate’ , and this ET theme
        also always links to ‘crafts’ and the ‘(technological type-) information’ … ?
RE : Booths … ?
… considering the above there *may* be an unexpected turn : Booths is about ‘physicality’ ,
shown by the offered quantities of oil and flour – as eden’s physical aspects , and also in the
bulls that are offered that count from 14 down to 7 [=if the text is not corrupt]   ,
as if “eliminating aspects that do NOT belong to eden” : as in ‘being freed’ … ?
is this “that week” (since Booths is 1 week) which the angel intended ?
… we always search Sir to understand but there are so many things we don’t … do not look
to our poorness but only to the intent … – we didn’t give up on you : we’re just tired … 
while hoping for the next 48 hours – massively – because we fail to give up expecting you