24 october  [10 pm ET]
the ‘Rush’ occult Ritual
.. ofcourse it is a sloppy story , and we considered it another event 
so that Esau buys time – that’s crucial now – before he’ll go for the kill
– but we were also sloppy : real name Galina Hutchins born Androsovych ,
(1) Androsovich , from -andros dim. of -andron from (Gr.) -aner “male”
(yes it’s heading there)
(2) Hutchins , ‘soul,or heart’ + ‘close related’ + ‘son’ 
(3) Galine , Gr. -gelene ‘tranquility’ , in mythology child of the Old Man of the Sea
(any type primordial deity – does not need further explanation here) ,
and “of a statue that came alive” , sic (see Pausanias) ;
so “(the souls as-) the – male – son were killed (-before coming into life)” ;
where ‘the church’ – where it happened – is the wider community , read , Jacob ;
— if you think we overdo it ,
then remember what Herod did when he found out that a Son was to be born ;
there is NO REASON to think now is different : just Esau’s type method is ;
and you can be sure that the past months all over the world Esau has ramped up 
his Masses and sacrifices – but especially in this ritual week before Samhain
(and note how the 21st was the start of that week)

the 21st , sic … we don’t know IF God has set a fixed date … or if Esau is able 
to delay a date .. – but the latter not on our watch : hence this log 



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