24 october
…this one , uploaded today (from 10/10) is interesting ,
also considered how it links back to her previous one ;
– this dream consists out of two parts : a spiritual and
a ‘reality’ mirror (shown in both ‘pregnant women’) ;
the section “where she constructs something yet
several parts are missing , which are then brought”
resemble ‘attributes’ – and is the same theme as what
we described yesterday (’the war’) :

         (audio only)

it’s too long to explain but the attribute was about ’the [eden-] land’ ,
and compare here “the patch of grass” mentioned related to ’the gate’ ;
the baby – the 144 – ‘can speak and see’ is obvious , and that the child
was between her feet resembles “the staff between Judah’s feet” ;
also interesting in the second part
is “the child turning his eyes” , which she considered Negative —
in realtime , there can be nothing wrong when babies turn their eyes ,
but it CAN point to “brain or heart problems”,
in this case read : “heartache … mindfog … weariness … lethargy.. etc”
… since we barely can hold on anymore

the major problem is that we’ve no anchor anymore , each next day is “blank”;
we stopped translating (-anything) because if simple lack of energy to do them ,
these days are nothing more but .. ‘getting through the hours’.. oftentimes tipsy
– and we fail to restore the fall feasts —
we knów Esau corrupted their timeframe but can’t see what was the just version ,
yet in spite of endlessly trying to try put those feasts in a logical whole
(for those of you old enough , remember w.o.p.r) , no version makes Sense ..

we are so very concerned Sir
and all you do is maintain your iron inaccessible total silence